april 23th 2014

Gloom Bap Available NOW!

UPDATED september 13th 2013

Dephrase Announces Gloom Bap

"Gloom Bap" Official Teaser by Dephrase

UPDATE: Gloom Bap's release date has been delayed due to our vinyl manufacturing. Dephrase and Super Sabine have agreed a single release date makes the most sense. Hold tight, new date TBA soon!

Daniel Babai (Dephrase) has announced his forthcoming release on Super Sabine! Gloom Bap is a collection of sonic oddities Dephrase has juggled for the last year or so. The entire collection consists of 7 tracks each taking you to a different part of the fruit punch atari rainforest river. While this is a very eclectic and playful body of work, there is bitter and somber amongst the sweet. Gloom Bap will be available for download on all the major online music stores as well as on Super Sabine's store. We're also very excited to confirm that Gloom Bap will be available on vinyl from both our store and distributors. Some other strange formats will likely be available too. Be sure to check out the official Gloom Bap Beat Teaser above and follow Dan's project on here and Facebook!

Dephrase Facebook Page

july 6th 2013

Whitebear is in town...

Enigmatik's Whitebear has come all the way from Australia to play Music Ecology this Tuesday! I'll also be joining the usual suspects in an evening of strange sounds.

Event Page

june 2nd 2013

Exin - Inventory

may 19th 2013

Dephrase - You

Some fresh old-school-new-school from Dephrase.

You by Dephrase

april 15th 2013

Secret Batch #1

The first round of Super Sabine mini pressings are on the loose. Secret Batch #1 is a very small run of “one of a kind” CDs. If you want one I'm afraid we don't have these available online, so come to a show or get in touch. If you are lucky enough to come by one of these fine discs, we have made available the track list and artist info of your CD based on its number.

As the track lists become available from the artists, they will be added to the following list.

april 15th 2013

Artist Introduction: Launchpad Infinity

Nicholas Rideout is a musician and performer who has become better known by his curious moniker, Launchpad Infinity. If you know Nick, he has a passion for music and genuine interactions."The goal of this project is to reach higher dimensions of consciousness through music and dance. After exploring topics ranging from quantum physics, and neuroscience to ancient spirituality, and energy healing I began translating these ideas into sound. I am now two years into this exploration and am excited to see how far it will go". No stranger to the movements and changes on the dance scene in different clubs, Nick is keeping his act on the move.

Boston had its chance to catch Launchpad Infinity until late 2012 when he began migrating west. Not looking to settle, Nick is moving around the mid-west at the moment, with plans to ultimately end up somewhere on the west coast.

april 15th 2013

Artist Introduction: Exin

David Dolan is an artist, musician, and student a/v engineer. Working on a number of new projects for Super Sabine, David has established a vibrant collection of sounds and music under his moniker "Exin".

SoundCloud has recently become home to many of David's slow and strange tracks. It might be a good place to get a sampling of his music. “The things I put up on SoundCloud seem to be mixes, remixes, and strange night-time music. I always hold onto some music though. It's stuff that I want to wait to play live, or even just to officially release”. To get a vibe for David's "found sound" music check out the track, Toy Forest, which is available for streaming and download on SoundCloud.

Some other work that you might want to check out. Aquarium on Vermin Street's East Coast Bass collection.

april 15th 2013

Artist Introduction: Dephrase

Daniel Babai is the classy creative behind the moniker “Dephrase”. Dan is a skilled musician that can also boast his experience behind of some very high-end consoles. His music sounds like it's been sampled from old vintage recordings, but all his sounds are in fact original.

With a very exciting release on the way, it might be a good idea to familiarize yourself with some of his music which manages to stray so far from the computer while still often centralizing through it. If you're interested and need more check him out on Soundcloud!


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